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Our Story

The Idea


This is Engin Kaban, the founder of Hello Experto. 

The history of Hello Experto begins with my history. 


Travel has always been my passion. 

Many years ago I quitted my engineering job to see the world. Since then, never stopped. 

All the experience I gained opened me a new career path as a travel expert. 


The idea of Hello Experto came out from my personal experience as a traveler and the problems I observed along the years as a travel professional:

– Travelers are stressed because they do not have the knowledge or time to plan their travels. 

– Travel experts can not monetise their valuable insider knowledge. 


I decided to do something. 


Hello Experto idea started in 2019 in Barcelona. I participated in a 6-month incubation program for startups in tourism and travel industry, by Barcelona Activa – a governmental institution. 

– Assisted and mentored for a feasible business plan.

– Received seed capital. 

– Hello Experto OÜ (private limited company) is registered in Estonia early 2020 as an EU company.


– Idea validated.

– We have product-market-fit and traction.

– Experts joined by word of mouth only so far, with 0 marketing budget. 


As well as being a company, Hello Experto is a baby: 

– Seeded in amazing Barcelona – Spain, 

– Born in beautiful Tallinn – Estonia,

– Being raised globally. 

I want to live for my own dreams, not for the dreams of others.

Engin Kaban

The Founder

I (Engin) am a travel expert by nature, entrepreneur by occupation, engineer with master in innovation by education, traveler and nomad by passion. 


I have been to 60+ countries and lived in 4. 

I have 12 years of experience in travel industry as travel writer, blogger and community builder. 

Published a travel book, created the first large network of travelers in Turkey, wrote for newspapers, magazines & websites, had interviews on TV & radio, gave public speeches, won awards, registered 3 brands, been jury in competitions. All about travel. 


I voluntarily gave personal travel advice to more than 500 people and I earned nothing out of these travel advices. 

So, this is my own story and the story of many other travel experts who are undervalued. 


See my profile on Hello Experto and my profile on Linkedin


Every morning I wake up with the excitement for my startup to contribute to sustainable and responsible travel. 

I see big potential and I am confident in filling it in a meaningful way. 

The Present

Hello Experto is a global community of travelers and travel experts. 

We help:

– Travelers learn from experience, save time and money in planning, have authentic experiences, 

– Travel Experts earn money with knowledge where they want when they want. 


Currently we are focused on growing the user base. 

We are participating in various startup competitions. More news on that later. 

We contribute in sustainable travel, making travel knowledge accessible for everyone. 


We have a scalable revenue model with a clear growth strategy, benefiting from network effects. 


We use innovation and technology to build trust in the community.  

Apart from me working full-time, we have social development researcher, brand and visual designer, community manager and technical consultants.  


We are looking for new team members. If you want to be part of a promising travel startup from early days, get in touch

We are inviting travel experts of destinations or travel themes. If you think you are one, please fill in the form, let’s talk. 

We are searching for appropriate accelerator program in the Baltics. Any comment on that, write to us.


Hello Experto is the first and unique marketplace in the world dedicated to: 

Tailor-made pre-Travel Consultancy through Video Calls by Unbiased Humans.

Traveling the world is like traveling in time.
Some countries take you to the past, others to the future.

Engin Kaban

The Future 

Hello Experto wants to become the unique platform for travel knowledge for every corner of our planet, promoting non-popular destinations and authentic experiences to travelers, contributing in sustainable travel.  

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Startup Incubation Program


Hello Experto OÜ - Registered Company