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Get Started in Simple Steps

Sharing Travel Knowledge

You are planning your trip
You have specific questions but not enough time to do research.
A traveler looking for assistance
You know a destination or theme very well
You want to monetise years of valuable travel experience.
A travel expert willing to help others
There is no direct way to share travel knowledge
Travelers can not access personalised travel suggestions.
A community needed

Solution by Travelers for Travelers

Global Community

Hello Experto connects

travelers with travel experts, facilitating

travel planning through video calls.


Learn from experience,

Save time in planning,

Enjoy better travel.

Travel Expert

Earn money 

with your knowledge

where you want, when you want. 


Each trip is unique and requires different expertise.

Hello Experto changes travel planning.

Travel Knowledge



city, county, world region level 


business, luxury, gourmet, with children,

 travel health / psychology,  LGBT, 

digital nomad, visa / immigration …


Each travel expert covers max 3

destinations and themes.

Can someone be an expert of everything? 

Not in Hello Experto.


Expectations from travelers, 

suggestions and plans from experts 

delivered before and after the calls  

through forms, for perfect


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Startup Incubation Program


Hello Experto OÜ - Registered Company