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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) for all

Hello Experto is a community of travelers and travel experts for sharing travel knowledge. 

It helps:  

  • Travelers learn from experience, save time in planning, enjoy better travel.
  • Travel Experts earn money with knowledge where they want when they want.

It is the first and unique marketplace in the world dedicated to: tailor-made travel consultancy through video calls by unbiased humans.

It makes Travel planning: Easy, Quick, Social.

A person who travels 🙂 

Well, each user who signs up on Hello Experto is a traveler. A traveler may be looking for information about a specific destination, a theme related with travel, or just wants to chat with fellow travelers. 

A traveler may also be a travel expert for some specific destination or theme. 

Become a traveler!

Someone who has extensive knowledge and experience about a destination and / or  a specific theme related with travel.

A travel expert may be a full-time traveler, a digital nomad, a travel blogger, a licensed tour guide.

It can also be a travel enthusiast who has deep info about a specific topic, or someone who never travels far but knows every single corner of the city (s)he lives in. So, there is no single recipe.

Travel experts are required to be able to deliver specific, actionable travel advice to travelers. 

Each travel expert covers maximum 3 destinations and themes. So, they are specialized. 

Become a Travel Expert!

Hello Experto travel experts are hand-picked. They have to fulfil basic criteria, pass the interview and the verification process.

Afterwards they go through orientation, receive guidelines to follow and we monitor them for continuous improvement. 

Yes. After the call is realised, both sides can write a review for each other, which will be publicly visible on their profiles.

Reviews help further users to get an idea and also keep our quality standards at an ultimate level.

Note: Review system apply to paid calls only. After a free chat, it is not possible to write a review. 

We have several automatic control mechanisms, quality gates and manual checks in the process. So, any kind of misuse of the platform will be noted. 

Depending on the situation, the consequences may range from a friendly warning to being banned from the platform forever. 

If you encounter abusive behaviour from other users, a suspicious case, please report us.

Hello Experto is a community of good people. Be good 🙂 

We guarantee trust. 

As an expert, you will be sure to receive your money for your defined time, exactly as agreed, right after the call. 

No hassle with international money transfers, delays, bank commissions, unclear situations. Just relax.

As a traveler, you are guaranteed to receive high quality service from verified travel experts. In case not, you have money back guarantee anyways. 

We provide support to both sides during the whole process. You can always rely on us for any questions or issues. 


One summer night under a clear sky, stars were aligned and Hello Experto was born all of a sudden.

We wish it was!

It is the result of years of accumulated knowledge and experience as traveler and travel professional. 

Read our story.

Yes, totally free! 

It is free to create a profile. And then you can select free chats and communicate with fellow travelers for free. You only pay for travel experts if you select paid consultancy services.

As a travel expert, it is also 100% free to create profile and as many listings as you like. 

There is no subscription fee whatsoever.

Right now we do not make money. We offer all services to as many people as possible with affordable prices and of high quality to facilitate sharing travel knowledge. 

We do not receive any money from both sides at the moment. 

In the future, we will charge a small commission from transactions. That will be announced before it goes live, so you will know.

Sure, there are many.

We are obviously not the first solution in the market to help travel planning, neither the last one. It is a huge market and everyone offers different solutions. Some are very successful, some are not. 

Hello Experto is the first and unique marketplace in the world dedicated to tailor-made travel consultancy through video calls by unbiased humans. 

Behind this cliche-sounding-sentence lie many years of experience, market analysis, R&D and some secret sauce. 

You do not have to think about details much. Just enjoy using Hello Experto as a traveler or an expert. We take care of the details.

The real magic lies behind the scenes. 

All prices mentioned in Hello Experto are in Euros. If your currency is different, don’t worry.

As a traveler, when you pay with credit card or PayPal, it will be converted automatically by the payment systems. 

Same situation for a travel expert; you will be able to receive your money in your own currency. 

We have travel experts around the world speaking a variety of languages. On each listing, you can see the languages that the consultancy can be realised in. Experts select languages only in which they are native or fluent. Intermediate level and below does not count. 

You can filter listings according to language. So, traveler and travel experts communicate in the most comfortable common language. 

For now, most listings are in English. For the menus, Turkish is also available, Spanish on the way. Much more coming soon.

We will also have travel content in several languages in near future. In case you are a translator, contact us

You can invite friends, family; anyone you believe can benefit from Hello Experto.

They can be travel experts to share experiences or travelers planning for their next trip.

When you invite someone, tell us who.

With each invite, you will start earning benefits through our referral program soon.

You can also refer us someone you know as a potential travel expert directly.

They say inviting people is good karma, and makes you travel more! Did you know that?

* to invite through the link, you need to have your own profile first.


Many things. You can:

We do not know yet.

We will have destination experts for Mars in the future. You can ask them.

FAQ for Travelers

Also there is no need to see medical doctors for non-fatal issues.

Why pay tons of money to lawyers? Learn online and do it yourself.

Why do you even have a business consultant, personal trainer, life coach, teacher of any kind?

Because they are experts in their area. They offer personalised service and solve your problems better than you on your own.


To do a deep search on the internet, first of all you need a lot of time. Even by that, you can easily end up with standard solutions for general public, mostly biased, inaccurate, outdated. Sometimes the information comes from chatbots, artificial intelligence; not even humans.

You will receive tailor-made travel consultancy and save time and money while having a unique travel experience!

We deliver specific, actionable travel advice to you, doing some magic behind the scenes.

You focus on dreaming your next trip with a peace of mind.


If you let us know what you are looking for, we will match you with the most relevant travel expert, if there is. 

Just contact us.

It is very easy. 

Choose your expert depending on your needs through categories, destinations, themes, details on the listings and reviews of the experts. 

Once you know, pay with credit card or PayPal. 

The rest is magic! 

note: You can search experts without a profile, but for booking you need to create a profile

By credit card or PayPal, depending on the options provided by each expert. 


Payment is processed by Stripe or PayPal depending on selected method. They are two of the largest and most commonly used payment providers in the world. 

Your banking / credit card / PayPal information is not visible to admins, is not being processed or stored on Hello Experto platform. Everything happens on Stripe or PayPal in an encrypted secure form.


We want every traveler to receive meaningful value from their conversation with travel experts.

In case you are not satisfied, we will ask you to explain a bit your experience and what could have caused that.

We may set a short call with you to understand better and receive your feedback.

We are always up for improvement and highly value user satisfaction. 

We trust you and we offer full money refund through our limited budget. No abuse please! 

If it was a free chat, no need to do anything, keep chatting. 

If it was a 10 minute trial video call and time was not enough, now you should book the expert for a 30 minute standard video call or a flexible full package (if (s)he has that option).

If it was a 30 minute standard video call session and time was not enough, book another 30 minutes. 

If it was flexible full package and time was not enough, well, congratulations! Probably you have already received great value. Contact us and let’s offer you a good deal. 

FAQ for Travel Experts

It depends on you. You just do it as much as you want. Our design gives maximum flexibility for experts to manage their time. You can adjust your profile and listings, decide when to do calls and when not. You decide in how much time you will respond a request, and how much time flexibility you need between the booking and the call. You also have the option to decline a request if timing is not the best for you.

Creating your profile and listing takes less than 15 minutes. That is the only initial time investment; after that, you are in total control.

We know you are busy, and may not be accessible all the time. You may have full-time job, family to take care of or be traveling. So, don’t worry.

Easy. Just click ‘+ Create a Listing‘ and proceed. 

We also have detailed guidelines to explain in detail if you need.

What do you know better than anyone? Is it a specific destination? A specific theme? Do some brainstorming.

Remember that you should be able to deliver specific, actionable travel advice. Any generic information is not enough and not accepted.

If you have doubts, write us and we can assist and orientate you. 


While in the early days it is less likely, in near future we will have several experts for the same topics. 

Do not worry. The market is large enough and we will make sure there will be sufficient demand for everyone. 

Variety and competition also raises the bar for quality in the marketplace. As long as you are unique and offer a high quality service, you do not need to worry about that. 

You are free to define the price as you like.

When you are new in the platform, try to keep your price as low as possible to have your first bookings and reviews. You can always change it later.

Simply, it should be low enough to be attractive for travelers to book, and high enough to satisfy you for your time. It goes with trial and error. It is always a good idea to start low. 

You can also look at the prices of similar listings to have an idea.

Check here if you have not already.

You receive it in your bank or PayPal account. It is very easy to set it up.

Read here for more details. 

Each travel expert is responsible for him/herself. The legal situation depends on your nationality, country of residence and the relevant regulations. Each case is different.

We, as Hello Experto, do for our part. Your income declarations are up to you. 

We suggest you do research and take necessary actions in order not to have serious problems later on.

Hello Experto is innovative from day 0. 

We will have space travel experts soon.

Time travel experts. Well, that may take some time. 

FAQ is updated weekly.

Visit again later for more answers.

Meanwhile, leave your e-mail to be informed.